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Tell Your Story

Write an article or a column about an aspect of your faith. We are always looking for new people to contribute. 


Letters should be signed with the writer’s full name and, if applicable, the name of the group or congregation with which the writer is affiliated. A postal address and telephone number are required, for verification purposes.


Letters will be edited for length and content and may appear in an excerpted form. Any affiliations listed with letter writers’ names are for identification purposes only, and should not suggest the view expressed is representative of that body.


Shorter letters are more likely to appear and less likely to be edited. Criticise ideas, not people. No personal attacks will be published.

Worship Material

Prayers, sermons, meditations are always wel­come. If you attend a service and you like what was said, encourage the leader to send a copy to The Inquirer. Or, if you present a service you would like to share, please send the copy in.


Please send electronic images at the highest quality possible, they should be at least 1000 pixels in each dimension and ideally much higher. 


Hard copies are also welcome. No matter the format, photos should be light and clear. Photos taken from the back of a church are rarely suitable for publication. Always include the name of the photographer.


It is better to send digital images as an separate email attachment rather than embedded in a word document.


Always welcome. If you would like to write an origi­nal piece, please contact the editor to discuss a deadline and length. Even if you are unable to do that, send your article in anyway.


Unsolic­ited manuscripts will always be considered.


Upcoming Events

Send an announcement of an upcoming event at your chapel or fellowship – al least six weeks ahead, otherwise it is likely that we can not print it in time.


Event Reports

Do send us a report of events that have occurred. Images are always useful.

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