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Previous Issues

Issue 7998

In this issue:-
Joan Cook asks how do we ‘Love in the time of Covid’. Mansfield Unitarians share their successful virtual Heritage Open Days. And, Danny Crosby exhorts us to follow the examples of Floella and Fred. 

Issue 7997

In this issue:-
Louise Baumberg on truth and refugees.
Looking back at Will Hayes.
It’s A Funny Old World!

Issue 7996

In this issue:-
Gospel Of St Mark.
Elizabeth Slade on the future.
Danny Crosby on grief.
And, we’ve got your letters.

Issue 7995

In this issue:-
Interview with Chief Officer Elizabeth Slade.
Funny Old World.
And, Florence Nightingale, Mystic .

Issue 7994

In this issue:-
Faith is like a mortgage.
Danny Crosby finds hope in grief.
Race and healing.
And, we’ve got your letters.

Issue 7993

In this issue:-
John Harley on our relationship with darkness.
Dear NHS.
A helping on Unitarian ice cream.
And, we’ve got letters.

Issue 7992

In this issue:-

Rising Green: Let go

Crossing the threshold

Letters to the Editor

Issue 7991

Art Lester considers one of life’s immortal questions, ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’
Jim Corrigall reports on ‘Let’s Talk About Race,’ the successful Zoom event created by the Revs Kate Dean and Winnie Gordon.
There are tips on creating online worship and on adjusting to post-lockdown life.
And, we’ve got letters.

Issue 7990

Bill Darlison and Stephanie Bisby cover ‘Ministry in a Time of Pandemic’. 

Cross Street Chapel, Manchester takes a stand for Black Lives Matter. Adam O’Leary-Amponsah tells how the committee pledged to act.

And, we’ve got letters.

Issue 7989

Sarah Tinker writes of souls lost and found.
Daniel Costley reflects on the killing of George Floyd and the protests that followed.
And Winnie Gordon offers a guide to blooming in Zoom – how to do an online Flower Communion.

Issue 7988

In this issue:-

Race and privilege

Low-tech workship

A Prayer for lockdown

And, we’ve got letters.

Issue 7987

As Muslims prepare to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, Daniel Costley writes that perhaps Ramadan has something to offer Unitarians.
Elizabeth Slade, reflecting on her first year as Chief Officer of the Unitarian General Assembly, says she has felt all the way through that she is in the right place.
It’s a Dickens of a Funny Old World.
And, we’ve got letters.

Issue 7986

Jim Corrigall reports on the keynote address from Being Together, the online Unitarian gathering.
John Harley encourages us to welcome all the feelings that come with quarantine.
Cap’n Dan puts in an appearance.
And, we’ve got letters.

Issue 7985

In this issue:-

Virtually Funny Old World

Speaking of souls

Lindsey Press release 2 titles

And, we’ve got letters.

Issue 7984

In this issue:-

Coping with the Coronavirus

NUF creates connection

Faith in black and white

And, we’ve got letters.

Inquirer Issue 7983

Issue 7993

In this issue:-

Rising green – Radical happiness

Receiving is a kind of giving

Doris says “Pipe down!”

And, we’ve got letters.

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